The Devastating effects of Tropical Cyclone Freddy in 2023 was a wake-up call for action in conserving the environment. MUSCCO and SACCOs felt that there is more to be done in this regard. SACCOs have a duty to the community guided by the cooperative principle number 7 “concern for the community”. This year MUSCCO has launched a GREEN WEEK; under the theme LIVE GREEN.THINK GREEN. In the course     of the week (1 st-8th March 2024), SACCOs and various networks in the sector will have tree planting exercises across the country.

In his remarks at the launch; MUSCCO CEO FUMBANI NYANGULU(I-CUDE) stated that, this initiative resonates with Sustainable Development Goal number 13 “Climate Action” whose main goal is for everyone to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. He called on all SACCO members and all Malawians, to Live green and Think Green by planting at least a tree.